PRICE DROPS! FS Jet City Custom Wolfgang £525 / LAG Roxane Racing RR2000 Vintage Yellow £675

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For Sale - Jet City Guitars Custom Wolfgang in an awesome Matt Inca Silver colour mixed with fine aluminium paint, it has an almost brushed steel/aluminium effect which is really cool. It also has his matt black Jet City Ghost logo on the headstock. 

This Wolfgang was handmade by Scott Fletcher at Jet City as his personal guitar, however he sold it a few years later as he didn't have any time to play it. As a result he used some of the best materials available for the build. It has an alder body, birdseye maple neck and a indian rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl side and face dots.

It's based on the Peavey Wolfgang, EVH style neck carve, 15" radius neck, graphite reinforcement rods, heel truss rod adjust, Jescar frets(6105), R2 size nut (1 5/8"). The hardware is German Schaller, so the Floyd, nut, strap buttons, and machine heads are all Schaller. Pots are Bourns premium (not the EVH badged ones, they're actually the next step up in quality from them, but they are the same low torque as I've had both and there is no difference), pickups are hand wound beefy PAF measuring similar to Peavey specs, 14.17 for the bridge and 16.25 for the neck, they are very articulate and roll off nicely with the volume. I've upgraded the Floyd block with a fat brass one, and a speed trem arm with the allen wrench insert, both official Floyd parts.

There are around 3 small dents/dings, some very minor fret wear, a small scratch to the fretboard around the 18th fret (tried to picture it). The worst injury was chipped lacquer around the neck pocket which cut me to the bone when I did it! It's reasonably tight in there and I was tired is my excuse. None of these effect the guitar of course, plays lovely and has a nice medium low action at present. Guitar weighs around 8lbs or so and comes with an EVH branded SKB case that was a £100+ extra. I don't actually want to part with it as its such a lovely guitar, however I simply need the funds at this time.

Difficult to price these kind of guitars, Scott no longer ships rosewood and if you were to spec one of these now with him the landed cost would be over £2k. I think £525PPG is a reasonable price without shipping if I'm honest or near offer, message me if this is too optimistic. I can arrange shipping at cost too, but that will be extra. Which is a quality guitar for very little money I think. Can deliver within a sensible mileage too. 

Unfortunately I'm not interested in trades really just the cash, however in the unlikely event you have a PRS DGT Goldtop with moons you want to trade let me know!! Or a Suhr HSS or HH standard (or Rasmus) both with cash in exchange. You're welcome to come and try it of course and have a blast, based in Leics just off the A42 and M1. Or I can meet and do a dodgy deal anywhere within reasonable distance too, for petrol tokens....

LAG Roxane RR2000 in Vintage Yellow

Purchased from this very parish. There is a little tale with this one, when it arrived 3 of the frets had lifted from the ebony board and there was also two tiny nicks in the board due to this. I put it back in it's bag out of disappointment, which was a shame as it played lovely despite this. Anyway, I decided to dig it out last month and although I think it's a lovely guitar, it's just not me. So I took it to Nige and Danny at Leicestershire Luthier, and they've worked their magic and glued all of the frets (not just the lifted ones) just in case so no more problems, and they also fixed the nicks in the board. It appears the old frets were only pressed in place which is why they lifted in the first place, according to the guys this is a usual acoustic guitar practice which is likely why LAG did it. They were super impressed with the construction however, and in no way did they think this showed poor quality. Whilst they had it they also did an optimised fret dress and set up to get it playing nice. The Bigsby was dismantled and regreased also, and the pickups and electrics given the once over. All that cost me £130, which is a bit of a pain. However at least the buyer knows its A1 when it arrives. 

So on to the guitar, handmade in France, comes with a certificate of authenticity and leather LAG gigbag specially made for this model. This RR2000 was a limited run designed with a motorsports theme so it has an enamelled aluminium scratchplate, and aluminium control and truss rod covers specially engraved. The Bigsby is USA made, with all Schaller hardware and the pickups are Seymour P90's. It's a lot of spec for the money, weighs around 7.8lbs. 


Body: American Poplar
Neck: African Mahogany
Nut: Graptech
Fingerboard: African Ebony
Machineheads: German Schallers
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90s
Bridge: American Bigsby B5 w/ German Schaller Roller Bridge
Finish: Vintage (Morgan) Yellow and Enamelled Aluminium
Case: Custom Leather Gigbag / Hand Signed COA

These were/are around £1450 New and in Mint Condition - I'm looking for £675 Collected from Leicestershire, I can ship at cost if that's required. It owes me around £820 including the work I've just had done, but I'm open to sensible offers.  Happy to deliver in a reasonable distance too, I'm working towards the East and South East coasts on and off so can deliver there as well.

In the unlikely event you have a PRS DGT Goldtop with moons and fancy a trade with cash your way let me know! Also would consider a Suhr or Rasmus Standard HH or HSS. Ta

.....and what to my wondering eyes should appear.....      nothing.......

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