Feline Guitars Strat - "Evangeline" tribute model

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A project inspired by a guitar belonging to a friend and astounding guitarist /guitar teacher: Martin Mickels.
He is something of a local legend, playing in a mix of high profile bands and a local covers band. He is also a very popular guitar teacher  and an all round good guy. Some of you may have seen him on last years "Guitar Star" on Sky Arts.
I have looked after Martin's guitars for the best part of 20 years now , and his strat has had a fair bit of attention as he plays it so much and plays very hard. So last time we refretted it I took some more detailed notes with a thought to replicating it.

Martin has a mix of Lace Sensor pickups on his strat - may seem a little out-dated but they sound amazing in his hands so we have replicated those here on a similar black smoked mirror pick-guard.

The guitar also has a Gotoh 510 series bridge with a steel block and narrow spaced saddles

A nice candy apple finish on an alder body - with an all access neck  joint using threaded inserts and machine bolts.

An Earvana nut and Sperzel locking tuners  at the headstock end (colour matched)

Side markers are the glowin the dark "luminlay " variety whilst the front markers are Paua abalone
Frets are Dunlop 6155 like the ones on contemporary Fenders

Many guitars have a re-sale value. Some you'll never want to sell.
Stockist of Earvana nuts, BKP, Oil City And Monty's pickups. Sperzel, Tonepros, Gotoh and Graphtech too!
Expert guitar repairs and upgrades - fretwork our speciality! www.felineguitars.com.  Facebook too!

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