New wah Real McCoy RMC10 or BMF wah?

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Both these are available for around the same price in the UK. Which should I go for?

Play a Les Paul and a Strat with fuzz and OD through a Marshall Astoria with KT66s. Classic blues and blues rock and looking for something to play nice with those but without being all 'hey you tweak it how you like it'. I just want it to have an amazing base sound out of the box. 

I'm a huge Marc Ford fan and know he uses the BMF but he also used a lot of heroin so that's not reason enough to start copying him (or is it?) ..

Currently have an old Fulltone Clyde Deluxe from off here which is nice but it has too many knobs and I keep inadvertently changing settings so that's up for sale.

My Trade Feedback Thread is here

Been uploading old tracks I recorded ages ago and hopefully some new noodles here.
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