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I decided to take advantage of @Alegree 's recent deals and I ordered a set of his Cirrostratus Tele pickups for the partcaster I have been playing around with. I ordered the set with the uncovered neck pickup and flat pole pieces.

Instalation was a breeze - its a Tele after all - made easier by proper push back wiring on the pickups (not all push back is created equal). They were soldered into a Mojo pickups loom (CTS pots and Mojo pickups PIO cap) and replaced a Mojo 'Esquire' and Goldfoil combination.

The Sounds:

In short - spectacular. Any new pickup winder is getting into a crowded market, where there are some utterly stellar makers based in the UK (Marc at Mojo and Ash at Oil City to name but two). I'd put these pickups right up there with these guys - the bridge pickup is slightly brighter and less middly than the (now getting old) hand wound Seymour Duncan Broadcaster in my main Tele, but it is nowhere near icepick-in-the-ears territory. It also takes gain exceptionally well, with the right balance of output to sound full yet clear. It also is potted properly so even facing my amp with da gainz loaded up, it behaved perfectly.

The neck pickup is rather lovely - its got a lot more clarity than my benchmark SD unit in my other Tele. Clean arpeggios have just the right balance of air vs depth, and it verges on a Strat neck unit for clarity - but it still sounds like a Tele. Again, it behaves itself well under gain and with a moderate crunch sound acquits itself really well for choppy rythmn stuff.

The two pickups together have the harmonic content that you want from a good Tele but rarely get. Full, yet sparkly and never harsh.

To sum up:

I've used the guitar at home and for two rehearsals (both times where it was the only guitar I had available). At all times, I've loved the sound it makes - and it has been up against Custom Shop Fender instruments where it has sounded just as good. I've had compliments about the sound of the guitar too - from one of the pickiest people I know, who genuinely doesn't normally like Teles. Its a different sound to my other three Teles (one with hand-wound SDs, the others with Mojo pickups) but a *really* good sound. Dealing with Alex was great, and delivery was quick. I have no intention of changing these out - they are that good.

Would I recommend these to someone else? Hell yes.

When I get a few minutes to myself, I'll try to put a video up of the guitar in action.
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