SOLD ACS Evolve Studio Universal High End In Ear Monitor Earphones £140

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Exceptional sound quality from these earphones, ACS IEM's are widely used by professional musicians around the world.

The ACS Evolve has 3 drivers and a 3 way crossover. Each driver has been configured using the crossover circuitry to handle the frequency range it is best suited to. There is a large dedicated bass driver which handles the sub frequencies and upper bass with ease resulting in a rich detailed bass response which is not bloated or muddy sounding. The mid-range driver handles the low –high midrange frequencies and presents vocals and acoustics accurately and beautifully without being overpowering or fatiguing. The tweeter driver takes care of the high frequency range, delivering crystal clear highs and giving a clarity and detail to your sound like never before.

These earphones will come complete with the carry case, and several un-used earbud types.

Price is £140

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