Bristol midweek jam - co conspiritators required

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I'm on a guitar course.  i'm an ok player and am in a rock covers band, but I have the confidence of a very shy frog and get brain freeze if I have to stand up and play something that i dont' really know/haven't rehearsed.

Would anyone like to go to a studio and practice jamming/improv.  What I'm thinking of is a midweek regular session (fortnightly maybe??) 

I'm interested in starting with some blues and funk jam standards (I don't know any at the moment) to gain some confidence/improve my ear and then move to some jazzier/latin/santana-esque stuff too.

give me a shout if this sounds of interest - I'm kinda thinking to agree a few songs the week before, then go play them, and build up a repertoire, but also get build the confidence (and ear) to play something that I don't really know - so here's a chart - lets just play it.

anyway give me a shout if you are interested - if we can get a couple of us together then we can grab/find/kidnap a bass player and drummer and go from there.  I'm based East Bristol so will try to book an east bristol or central rehearsal room initially. 

sense of humour and balanced personalities only :) 



PS  my longer term interest would be to morph into a funk/latin/santanaesque "thing" gigging regularly midweek somewhere (for no money so we can play what we bloody well like and not tunes for pissed punters) with an eye on some proper chords and learning to solo over stuff other than a 12 bar - but that's longer term developmental stuff - so it's best to ignore this paragraph and simply conclude that I have verbal diarrhea which occurs when I get hold of a keyboard.
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