Help: Anyone Fancy Recording Guitar Track/s For Hallelujah?

CMW335CMW335 Frets: 1345
Looking for a bit of help, I currently have a track for Hallelujah with a vocal on that was done with a cheesy backing track of the Alexandra Burke version. Looking to see if anyone would fancy recording a more credible Buckley like guitar track against it but in the same key to basically swap out the cheesy backing? Ideally I would like a shimmery electric version like Buckley's and a picky or strummy acoustic version if anybody wants to take either or both on? 

Appreciate anyone taking the time to do this, I will keep practising in the hope I can do it myself one day but not quite there yet beyond the acoustic strumming part.

Anyone who would like to help please PM me and I can share the track direct.

Thanks in advance
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