SORTED & NGD - Any Superstrats for sale (Suhr, Tom Anderson, Grosh, Tyler)? Trade on Divided amp?

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Yep, back looking again and a similar brief to last time.

I've seen the few that are on the forum at the moment and they're not for me (Charvel GG, Suhr Classic Pro SSS).  Looking at other brands, Music Man necks are too skinny but great sounding guitars. I have had a Schecter Custom Shop Strat and Suhr S1, and both were nice but just didn't do it for me.

Sadly, I've played, and owned, some cracking PRS guitars, like CE24s, CU22 & 24s, EG1s and DGTs and they've been some of the best players and have been fine on overdriven sounds but didn't deliver on the cleans (a little thin and brittle) and I don't like the look of the versatile Brent Mason one or sounds and feel of the 513s.

So, I'm ideally looking for an S Shape and more traditional-looking but with modern refinements, preferably HSS but HSH with coil-taps might work and something resonant and versatile. Pickup-wise, looking for classic sounds and nothing too hot in output and the single coil tones have to be quacky and good with fx and I'd like the HB to be well-matched to them in terms of sounds and output. A Gotoh 510 Trem or similar with locking tuners preferred over a Floyd Rose and really can't be arsed to go back to a locking nut. 

It doesn't have to be a fancy finish, and block colours like Black or Olympic White are fine, but I also don't mind a burst, Gold Top or Bengal Stripe, but nothing garish and I don't like natural, open-grained finishes.

I am keen to see what the Suhr-esque Ibanez AZs are like as they tick a few boxes and I really liked a Tyler Classic (Japan) HSS that I played recently. Any used on here, as they impressed me?

The Rub: I don't buy guitars without seeing and trying them first. I'm in Surrey but I will consider anything that fits the bill and is a serious contender up to 80 miles away.

Excuse the novella but it's better to list what you want and don't want and as I'm after 'a keeper", I'm going to be fussy on this one as I want to get it right.

So, what have you got and please PM me and it would be great if you could include any pics and a price? 

To add to this, Tugwellguitar and I have a choice of 2 Divided by 13 9/15 JRT amps. One of these can be offered up as a trade (£1325) against a guitar and here's the link to the amps

Cheers - Madness Tribute band (Bass Player) and guitarist elsewhere
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